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Are you a confident rescuer in 60 seconds?

60 seconds in an emergency can make the difference!

2HEALTH's trademark '60-seconds' rescue practice is unique and a compelling way to learn First Aid + CPR.

Why thousands choose 2HEALTH:
> Students Rescue Confidence increases 117%!
(Based on a sample of 791 2HEALTH students who are NOW confident to rescue in one minute)

Gather a group of 4-10 people and we train in the comfort of your HOME or OFFICE - in the GTA area in Ontario.. 2HEALTH creates confident rescuers since 1992.

2HEALTH's Red Cross instructors are passionate, friendly and Registered Kinesiologists. Their experience as lifeguards, nannies and parents enrich and keep courses practical.

Here's why Rescuing your child in ONE minute is sooooo important. Please watch the video.


2HEALTH is spreading the first aid + wellness message...
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2HEALTH appearances: CITY TV ~ CHCH Morning Show ~ CBC ~ City News
Babytime Shows ~ CTV News ~ PunjabiTV ~ Early Years Centres ~ Babies R Us

Creating rescue confidence and safer families.
Red Cross courses meet WSIB and Day Nurseries Act requirements.
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